Top 8 Remote Spy App/Software for Android & iPhone

Top 8 Remote Spy App/Software for Android & iPhone

Get the Top 8 Remote Spy AppSoftware for Android & iPhone

Get the Top 8 Remote Spy AppSoftware for Android & iPhone
Get the Top 8 Remote Spy AppSoftware for Android & iPhone

When your family and loved ones’ safety is at stake, you adhere to all potential security measures you may take. There are Android remote spy programs as well as remote spy applications for iPhone available on the market. Aside from safety, these apps and applications also enable you to catch a cheating partner.

Within this article we have compiled multiple Android and iOS distant spy programs to give you a hand. Keep reading and explore!

– Part 1. Top 4 Remote Spy App for Android Phone
– Part 2. Top 4 Remote Spy App for iPhone

Part 1. Top 4 Remote Spy App for Android Phone

Part 1. Top 4 Remote Spy App for Android Phone
Part 1. Top 4 Remote Spy App for Android Phone

1. TheTruthSpy

Site: http://thetruthspy

While looking for Android remote spy apps, you shouldn’t miss TheTruthSpy. Being one of the most coveted software and program on the current market, it offers numerous advantages for remotely spying Android devices. It not only monitors calls, but also the general activities of this goal Android device. You are least ensured that programs, text messages, phone logs of your child/spouse will proceed un-traced. What’s more, in addition, it helps you maintain tab of the workers’ mobile tasks legitimately to understand them better. It helps you devise their functioning accordingly. Whether you have a mobile device or a computer, it is simple to spy on other Android devices.

Features of TheTruthSpy

– TheTruthSpy not only spy your kid/partners’ Android phones, it can also synchronously track their location over the GPS. You get to know their route background on GPS.
– You may read text messages in the target device in addition to track WhatsApp, see contacts and call records with TheTruthSpy.
– It can track browsing history as well as monitor apps installed on the target device, along with 29 other information types.
– Through the geo-fencing attribute, you can be alerted when they leave the secure area you have marked with TheTruthSpy.
– The best part of this program is that can monitor the target device remotely from a web browser, Mac/Windows computer or using your Android/iOS device.

2. PhoneSpying

Try It at Remote Spy App for Android & iPhone

This Android distant spy app permits you to remotely explore the target Android apparatus. You have to join the target device with your PhoneSpying account. Then login to PhoneSpying account from a browser and get the device info. It can gather information regarding telephone calls, WhatsApp messages, calendars. It can also bypass Apple iMessage security protocols.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

– You can delete information in the target device.
– You are able to restrict the internet use and usages/installation of programs on the target device.
– You can check the surfing history and downloads of the target device.

3. PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

This Android distant spy app is an ideal choice for parental protection. Aside from that it turns out to be a good tool for getting insights into employee’s activities on the job. This program is bit expensive and supports chosen devices only.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

– Restricting screen time in your child’s Android Phone can also be possible with this program.
– Moreover, you can even follow the location of the target device using GPS via the app.
– You are able to create geo-fences on this app for the goal Android device.

4. NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

Being an Android remote spy app, it makes it possible for you to hack any Android device without alerting the operator. Snooping Android apparatus is simple with this program. It support ambient recording as well, alongside other spying activities.

Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5

– It may make key call to the apparatus.
– You can remotely activate the microphone with this app.
– You can track the social networking activities apart from phone calls, text messages, IM chats, deleted info, multimedia files, etc., on the goal Android phone.

Part 2. Top 4 Remote Desktop Spy Program for iPhone

1. TheTruthSpy

While talking of remote spy software for iPhone, TheTruthSpy remains ahead of the race. With this iOS program, you can easily monitor your infant, grandparents, children, older parent or spy on your cheating spouse without raising suspicion. It can help you monitor calls, apps, text messages along with 29 other data types on your own iPhone. You can lawfully monitor your workers to distribute their job efficiently.

2. Auto Forward Spy

This remote spy program for iPhone enables you remotely get browser background, text messages, click photographs etc. you can even get the text messages and call logs on this program. Spying on any goal iOS device is effortless with this app. The tracked data is emailed to you that you can get. Every 5 minutes, you get notified concerning the GPS location of the iOS device.

Rating: 3.9 stars out of 5|

– It lists browser history, incoming or outgoing calls, and call records using a time stamp.
– You can get the data which has been deleted in the iOS.
– It may remotely click pictures on the target device.

3. Highster Mobile

This remote spying software for iPhone can quickly track SMS and may collect text messages from the target device. From new messages to old and deleted texts may also be recovered through this program. Apart from that it may trace videos, photos, calls, social networking, or GPS location of their goal iOS device.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

– No need of jailbreaking that your iPhone to spy on it.
– Monitors the net browsing history too.
– You can set it up over the air.

4. mSpy

With this remote spying software for iPhone, you can monitor text messages, instant contacts, messages, call logs, etc.. You can also track the GPS location of the goal iPhone using mSpy. Social networking and messaging apps like Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Telegram, etc. could be monitored with this. Though, the target iPhone will be jailbroken on this program.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

– It captures every keystroke such as login credentials and online searches such as Facebook, WhatsApp along with other programs.
– You can restrict block and websites programs on the target iPhone.
– Geo-fencing is encouraged, to allow you notified if your children move in and outside of the secure zone marked by you.


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