How to Spy on someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Installing Any Software

WhatsApp is an application that everyone uses from every age that is from a teenager to a very old senior citizen.

This app is made for the main purpose that everyone on this app can chat, voice calls, video calls, record audio, and do many other things with the application with your phone contacts.

Currently, in February 2020, it has over 200 Billion users worldwide who talk to someone or the other using this app, and more people are joining to use this app.

However, there are many people who take advantage of this large number of users. These people send spam messages and use WhatsApp to blackmail others.

If your kids simply share their number with a stranger, that person can easily call them, video chat with them on WhatsApp.

It is very dangerous. Because of this reason, you need to spy on WhatsApp. You can use the WhatsApp spying app to do it.

Steps to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without touching their phone

Steps to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without touching their phone
Steps to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without touching their phone

These are the steps you can follow to spy on WhatsApp messages.

Step 1: Download

The first step is that you have to choose the app that is legally approved in our case; it is a Free Phone Spy App. Then you will have to download it through the app’s official website at freephonespy.com.


Step 2: Install

Then you will have to install the app by going into your phone setting. Providing the spy app all the permission it asks for so that it can work very smoothly and without any interruption.

Step 3: Register

Then you will have to register yourself on the app using a valid email ID and a password.

Step 4: Login

Then you will have to log in to the Truthspy app on both the target as well as the spires phone. After logging in, you will have to select a plan suitable for yourself. And make a payment for it online through the app’s website.

Step 5: WhatsApp Spy

Then you will have to select the WhatsApp spy option on the main apps menu (dashboard). After selecting this option, you will have full access to the target’s WhatsApp messages as well as the media files.

Useful features of the spy app

Useful features of the spy app
Useful features of the spy app

These are the features of the Truthspy app.

Constant monitoring

By using the Truthspy app, you will have full access. You will also be able to monitor the activities of the target the whole day.

Even if the target tries to switch the SIM card of the phone, then also the app will be able to track the habit of the target.

This feature is mainly used in offices where employers want to check what their employees are doing daily.

Intercept calls

By using this app, you can also keep track of the incoming and outgoing calls that are coming on the target phone.

You can also listen to the recorded audio files exchanged between the two people.

Listen to surround sound

This app features a unique thing where you can turn on the target phone microphone to hear what he/she is talking about.

Track media files

You can also access the media files that are present on the target phone by using this app.

You can also view and deleted photos or videos sent or received by the target.

Crack password

This app has a solid feature where you can crack any password of any app in minutes. And gain access to its content.


These are the steps to spy on someone’s WhatsApp message and feature of using the Free Phone Spy app.


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